Photographs of Port Hood Sisters Needed

The Chestico Museum is currently working on a project devoted to men and women from Port Hood who entered religious life.  We are currently missing photographs of two Sisters of Charity and six CNDs.  The names are listed below:

Sisters of Charity:
1)  Sr. Theresa Campbell (We have obtained a photo of Sr. Campbell.)
2)  Sr. Katherine Isabel Layton (Sr. Mary Anbrose) (We have obtained a picture of Sr. Mary Ambrose.)

1)  Sr. Bridget MacArthur (Sr. St. Alexander of Brescia)
2)  Sr. Theresa MacEachen (Sr. St. John Avellino)
3)  Sr. Jessie MacEachern (Sr. St. Adrianus)
4)  Sr. Marcella MacKay (Sr. St. Marcella)
5)  Sr. Agnes MacNeil (Sr. St. John of Jesus)
6)  Sr. Honora MacNeil (Sr. St. Augusta)

Ideally, we would like to have a photograph of the women in their habit.  However, we realize this is not always possible and are more than happy to receive any clear picture.  If you can help locate a photo, please contact us.  Thank You!

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