Talk on the Sutherland Clearances

Dr. Annie Tindley

The Chestico Museum is pleased to host a talk by Dr. Annie Tindley, Senior Lecturer in modern British History at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on Wednesday, August 23rd at 7 PM.

Dr. Tindley’s talk will be entitled A State of Nature? Clearances, Ownership and Conflict in the Highlands of Scotland, ca. 1790-1900.

It will look at the varying and sometimes conflicting perception of land and landscape in northern Scotland from the dawn of the age of ‘Improvement’, through the clearances and rural protest from the late nineteenth century. Who decides about land in Scotland? What evidence is used to make those decisions? And, crucially, what is it that people want to see in terms of land use and ownership? Land reform is one of the most important political issues in Scotland today and this talk will track the historical pressures and drivers that have created this combustible situation with a particular focus on the Sutherland Clearances, events which prompted many Highlanders to leave Scotland for Canada.

Admission is free – donations are gratefully accepted.

2 Responses to Talk on the Sutherland Clearances

  1. Janet Brown says:

    Will definitely here be a Dielidh on Thurs, Aug 24th?

  2. Chestico Staff says:

    Yes, we will have a ceilidh on August 24th at 7 PM.

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