2017 Chestico Couples

The Chestico Museum and Historical Society is pleased to honour Evelyn & Angus MacLean and Jeanie & Donald MacMillan as this year’s Chestico Couples.

Evelyn & Angus MacLean:

Evelyn and Angus MacLean

Evelyn grew up in Port Hood. She was the daughter of Annie Belle (MacKinnon) and Ben Hawley.

Angus was born in Halifax to Evelyn (Lynch) and John Angus MacLean. When Angus was just a young boy his family moved back to the MacLean family home in Mabou Harbour.

Evelyn met Angus met while bike riding in Port Hood. They were married in St. Peter’s Church, Port Hood on August 5, 1967.

After their marriage, Evelyn and Angus lived in Toronto for one year. They then moved back to Port Hood where Angus worked in construction and Evelyn in home care. They raised a family of 6 daughters – Angela, Sylvia, Shelley, Stephanie, Amy and Evelina. Today they are blessed with 18 grandchildren – 9 boys and 9 girls.

Evelyn and Angus are both now retired and enjoy having time to pursue their various interests and spend time with family.

Jeanie & Donald MacMillan:

Donald & Jeanie MacMillan

Jeanie grew up in Dunvegan. She was the daughter of Kaye (MacNeil) and Lauchie MacLellan.

Donald was the son of Florence (MacIsaac) and John Dan “The Dancer” MacMillan of Dunmore.

Jeanie and Donald met in Windsor, Ontario where they were both employed. Wedding bells rang for the couple on July 1, 1967. They were married in St. Patrick’s Church in Windsor. 

Jeanie and Donald continued to live in Windsor after their marriage. Donald worked for Chrysler and Jeanie was a self employed hair dresser. They had a family of two sons – Gary and Robert. Today they are also blessed with 5 grandchildren – Colin, Curtis, Cameron, Katie and Hannah.

In 1998 Jeanie and Donald settled back in Port Hood where they are enjoying retirement.

We are pleased Evelyn & Angus and Jeanie & Donald accepted our invitation to be this year’s Chestico Couples. Enjoy the experience and accept our congratulations as you celebrate fifty years of married life!

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